Meeting Facilitation

Productive meetings can have an impact far beyond the event. Documenting the meeting outcomes can further amplify the impact.

BbK has extensive experience organizing, facilitating, and reporting on multi-day, inter-disciplinary meetings. We work with clients to scope the meeting topic and craft an attainable agenda that engages participants. We facilitate large and small group sessions and advise on the best methods for capturing attendees’ knowledge and experience using a mix of digital and physical artifacts.

When the meeting ends, we draft an outline for the results that meets the client’s requirements, and we develop a writing schedule to deliver a timely result. We can also explore venues for publishing the meeting outcomes.

BbK specializes in convening meetings with faculty, teachers, researchers, and administrators in STEM disciplines. We work with clients onsite or can assist in planning an offsite event. We are committed to a meeting process that accommodates and values many perspectives.

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