Useful evaluations yield results that are understandable – and actionable. BbK creates customized evaluation plans for small projects and multi-year programs that achieve measurable outcomes, generate new knowledge, and inform decision making.

We use logic models to guide the entire evaluation process and a variety of methods to collect data. BbK evaluators are skilled in survey design, web analytics, interview techniques, focus group facilitation, and document studies. After thorough analysis, the results can be presented to support the unique reporting needs of each client (i.e., for internal decision-making, for peer-reviewed research, or for funding agency requirements).

BbK evaluators have a combined 40 years of experience conducting independent evaluations for grant-funded projects, university programs, and national initiatives. With our clients and partners, we have contributed to research in STEM education, digital library development, and technology use in higher education.

BbK Work & News

Dr. Flora McMartin
skype: flora.mcmartin
5935 Orchard Ave
Richmond, CA 94804

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