The research and evaluation services from Broad-based Knowledge scale to support individuals, departments, and distributed networks of teams. But, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. BbK brings a wealth of experience to each client engagement that allows us to tailor our knowledge to accommodate your needs.

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Evaluation: BbK creates customized evaluation plans for small projects and multi-year programs that focus on achieving measurable outcomes.

Knowledge Generation: BbK has developed a multi-day process that combines collaborative writing in small groups with peer interviews to create a rich, multimedia narrative incorporating the perspectives of all stakeholders.

Literature Reviews: BbK literature reviews are rigorously researched and reflect our expertise in synthesizing STEM topics with business, education, and medical resources.

Grant Writing: BbK moves the grant-writing process from concept to completion in a timely manner using or NSF’s FastLane system as needed.

Meeting Facilitation: BbK has extensive experience organizing, facilitating, and reporting on inter-disciplinary meetings that accommodate many perspectives.

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